About I.S. SMP

I.S. SMP is created and established by Noel Padua Gomez, a seasoned and brilliant tattoo artist since 2004.  He started training in SMP as early as 2008 under a certified SMP expert trained in Sydney, Australia. Eventually, after learning the craft and after being confident with his skills, Noel then decided to also order specialized SMP equipment from his teacher which was purchased all the way from SMP U.K.

The business venture.

Initially, Noel and his mentor planned to setup an SMP clinic in Manila, however, his teacher’s services got very much in demand in Australia and so their partnership did not push through. Also, back then, there wasn’t much of a market for SMP locally because many believed that the process was no different from ordinary tattooing. It was also seen as a cheap procedure, not to be trusted.

But Noel was very determined and so to ensure that his training and investments were not wasted, he continued with the business and offered his services to those who were interested. Then after a while, and mostly through word-of-mouth and referrals, people started to seek for his SMP services. He was performing the procedures in Bulacan during those times.

The breaking point.

In 2012, a television show called “iJuander” which aired on GMA7 did a feature on the new vanities of Filipino men. Noel was luckily chosen for an interview. The TV network probably found him because he was the foremost expert and pioneer of SMP treatments during that time. The fact that he offers SMP services in Bulacan, a far flung province in the outer Manila area, and was still chosen for the interview, gives us a clue that he was one, if not the first, to offer such services. Hence, it is also not far-fetched that I.S. SMP was the first SMP clinic in the Philippines.

SMP and Tattoo.

The interview for the TV show was delayed because Noel could not find a customer who’s open-minded enough to undergo the procedure and show himself on TV. Because of that, the particular segment supposedly specific for SMP got aired later BUT in the skin tattoo episode. Noel became worried that people might misinterpret this as an ordinary tattoo procedure and not SMP.

Business expansion.

Nonetheless Noel was thankful for that TV show because customers started demanding for SMP. As a result, he opened I.S. SMP’s very first branch outside of Bulacan. That branch still stands today and is located in Quezon City. Eventually, I.S. SMP expanded to Pasig City and opened the Ortigas branch.

Fake SMPs

As early as 2014, I.S. SMP has received and accepted dissatisfied customers from other “so-called” SMP clinics. Noel and his team of SMP experts professionally repaired and restored the ruined scalps of these people. Due to the emergence of these mediocre and fake SMP clinics, I.S. SMP is on a mission to educate people the proper identification and procedure of genuine SMP. By doing so will put a stop to these fake SMP practitioners and prevent possible association of genuine SMP services to the fake ones.

Noel’s Brother, Joel

Like his brother, Joel Padua is also an SMP expert practitioner with the same length of experience. In fact, he and his brother pioneered SMP in the country and their long list of satisfied customers attest to their service quality.

SMP repair can be costly.

After paying huge amounts of money on fake SMP procedures, these poor people have no choice but to spend more for costly repair jobs on their scalps. Why costly? Because of the many techniques required when using the machine: different kinds of scalps require varying (stroke) speeds, timing, depth, and needle size.

I.S. SMP also use 4 types/sizes of micro needles (super thin) that are significantly different from the normal regular needles being used by traditional tattoo artists. Equally important are the different color tones of pigments used in the repair process in order to capture the customer’s original hair color. The pigments are all organic and they definitely do not contain lead or heavy metals which can irritate the scalp.

Up to date SMP techniques and technology.

I.S. SMP is on a continued effort to make sure the SMP equipment and techniques are up to date. Whenever there is a need to order a new equipment, I.S. SMP procures them from a reliable manufacturer abroad. A laser pigment machine (tattoo removal machine) has since been procured after getting a lot of SMP repair jobs caused by fake SMP treatments from other clinics.

Employing these SMP techniques requires years of training and experience, which undoubtedly Noel has acquired since 2008. Noel and his trained SMP team strictly perform SMP treatment at the branch clinics only unlike other SMP offered on hotels and even as home service. Having these clinics guarantees the services to the customers because they can always visit the branch for any concerns that they may require.